Sassoli: Strengthening the centrality of Parliament in Europe 

Statement by the European Parliament President

“Today I gathered all the Members who participated in the reflection on the future of the European Parliament and European parliamentary democracy after the pandemic.

“I received the recommendations from the working groups, which have spent three months discussing the Parliament of the future. This has been an extraordinary task. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic, we saw the active and passionate participation of many Members and an important exchange of experiences.

“This is only the end of the first half. The goal now is to strengthen the centrality of the Parliament in the institutional context and in its relationship with citizens. I will now bring the results of this work to the attention of the governing bodies of the European Parliament for an in-depth discussion on what measures to take for the future.

“COVID-19 has opened our eyes and changed the way we work. Parliament now knows what it needs to discuss. We must be proud of ourselves and of the role of our Parliament in this difficult period.

“Parliament must have many voices and many ideas and we can reach compromises to ensure the good functioning of our institution.”